Reverend Ike: An Extraordinary Life of Influence, my father’s biography book is now available. Give yourself, and the ones you love, the gift of prosperity and positive change.


I have seen, participated with, and worked with my father in helping many people create a broad spectrum of wide-ranging success and fulfillment in their lives, including health, happiness, love, success, prosperity, and wealth. The key was always in changing the way people thought about themselves.

Dad helped people to see themselves differently, with more value, owning a greater sense of self-worth and personal esteem. This translates directly into what we believe we deserve to have in life. And when we believe we deserve and are willing to receive more, we create more. Reality opens up to us like a treasure trove.


I lived and worked with him and experienced and participated firsthand. I witnessed how his philosophies changed lives. In the book, I share my stories and those I have heard from others about the methods and techniques he taught and how they provided the tools people needed to create more fulfilled lives and more abundance. This knowledge and methodology are shared in the book to help more people create positive change in their lives.

As his son, I have a unique perspective and understanding of what made him successful and how he taught others to be, and I am honored to share these secrets anyone can use to create a fulfilling life in this new book. Click here to order now!



What do people want? Creative fulfillment, deeply loving relationships, financial freedom, health and well-being, and enjoyment in life. A way of thinking, mostly about oneself, produces these things. I have articulated them in this book, distilled from my knowledge and experience of how my father helped many people achieve this. His story and methodology can also help you add abundance and empowerment to your life.

Mastery and Sovereignty. I have learned these things directly from my father as well. I witnessed my father manifest his success and become a master communicator of the techniques he used to do it so that he could help others change their lives.

I wrote this book because telling my dad’s story can bless and inspire many more people.

Personal value translates into what we’re willing to allow ourselves to have and experience. Who we are determines what we do and what we have. If our sense of who we are is limited, what we can do is limited, and what we think we can have is restricted.

He taught us how to break through these barriers in our self-concept, expanding our ability to do more, do it more freely, and have more without constrictions.

I continue to apply the principles my father taught in my life personally. He used to say, “You can’t lose with the stuff I use!” I am living proof of that.


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